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NOTE7 Returned - no credit and Verizon doesn't know they have it?


I returned my Note7 on 09/13 at my Verizon store and got an S7 Edge instead. Since then my S7 Edge had a problem with the headphone jack so I received a warranty replacement and sent the defective phone back to Verizon - tracking says they have received it.  The problem I have is that Verizon is apparently now sending me a box to return my note-7 which they have had back for nearly two months ; I am getting text messages telling me to return it and as well as e-mails and now they are sending a box?   I still have not received my $100 account credit for returning it and replacing with another broken Samsung phone - just hoping the replacement S7 Edge can hold out a few years before I get a non-Samsung phone.    So my questions are why doesn't Verizon know my Note-7 has been returned and why haven't I received my account credit? Verizon should work better with their IT department on systems and support.  I can't even e-mail customer support my receipts to get a response!

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