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Bravo Samsung


Thank you for your recent announcement Samsung. Well done. Check here:

Now All Samsung has to do is to deliver the phones and hopefully CPSC knows how to certify a product that is probably in 10, 12 sigma category.

Verizon will have to provide a replacement as per the statement.


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Re: Bravo Samsung

"select carrier and retail outlets will provide customers, who prefer a replacement Note7, with a Samsung J Series loaner phone to use until new Note7s are available."

This part of the press release leaves much to be desired, in my opinion.  There is nothing here that states you will get a loaner phone at every VZW store, corporate or not.  Verizon still has discretion as to how many, if any, Samsung J phones they provide to Note 7 owners.  There is still a lot of leg and phone work for Note 7 owners to do in order to try and get a loan from VZW.

I hope everyone gets what they want, tho!

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