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AT&T & Assurion shows Note 8 is Blacklisted by Verizon, Verizon says it is not... What to do


I ported 2 lines of service from Verizon on 2/2/19, my devices were unlocked, paid for out right & never under contract due to device payments. They are unlocked to network and compatible with the AT&T,  so I chose to use those devices with my new service. 24hrs after the port, my Note 8 [removed] displayed an error message stating that my phone was barred from the network.
I placed a call to AT&T who advised me that there was a report made on the imei that caused this phone to be blacklisted by Verizon. I called Verizon where they advised me there was no such thing done on their end. Cases were created- I have spoken to both CSR's, Managers, Financial Dept of Verizon, Fraud Dept of both, Tech Tier I & II of both, Assurion, & several others. No one can seem to give me a resolution as to what to do regarding my device that is showing as Blacklisted by Verizon, but according to Verizon " they can SEE it,  just cant find it in the system nor can they remove or change what they don't have" on Verizon's side.  No one attempts to help more than telling me to call yet another department, and tonight 2/15/2019, was the finally attempt that sent me into a fit of anger because I was informed by a fraud manager that "There is nothing I can or we can do to help you, you just got screwed and sometimes that happens..."
Since I ported on 2/22019,  I have not been able to use my phone.  I have asked for any possible resolution to getting this block either removed or help getting a new device so that I may use the services I am paying for- again no one from either company can help me; they suggest I make an insurance claim for a new phone, but Assurion can not replace the device with an IMEI on a Blacklist!
I have been hung up on by so many times by Verizon and AT&T reps that I have lost count and by this point. I am just disgusted with the level of customer service I have received all the way around. I have been incredibly calm and anything but irate or rude  to anyone up until this evening.  I understand someone may not have had an answer,  but poor customer service and a disconnected call is not doing me any justice! Just today alone I have spoken to 4 reps with Verizon & 3 with AT&T... I have spent +2hrs on the phone just today, and still have not gotten any further than when I started this process on 2/3/2019.  My hands are tied, I have no idea what to do here- but I know I am not going to eat the full price I paid for a phone that was working just fine before a port over something I did not do to cause an error...

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Re: AT&T & Assurion shows Note 8 is Blacklisted by Verizon, Verizon says it is not... What to do

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please consider we are unable to guarantee the activation of a device on another carriers network. I would suggest completing a complete factory reset on the device and test the new SIM card once again. Here is a link with instructions: I apologize as we are unable to support the activation on another carrier further than this. 


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