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refill card activation error?


Hey Verizon community, I had a problem about activating my refill card. I typed in my ten-digit refill card number through here:


And after I pressed "Activate", this page popped out every time I tried it:

I did this for a lot of times. I checked everything on my account, and I couldn't find anything wrong with my account. The title of the page says it's System Failure, but this shouldn't happen every time. So does anyone know why this occurs and can anyone help me with this? ¡Gracias!

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Re: refill card activation error?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your post Andy, and I agree that this shouldn't happen everytime. We have limited access to prepay accounts here, but I would suggest contacting our prepaid customer service at *611 or 888-294-6804 to get to the bottom of this.

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