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Is there any way to stop these

low balance reminders (something about text package renews in three days, please ensure that your balance is enough, blah, blah....)  that come at 1:00 AM?  Really, I do not need to be awakened from my rest at 1 in the AM by some stupid automated reminder, telling me what I already know.

This is a prepaid wireless phone.   I do not like to turn off ringer, ever, and do not appreciate these early AM reminders in the least.  Is there any way to stop such, or choose a less irritating time of day?


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Re: Is there any way to stop these
Líder Sénior

You might try Shutting off the Notification Alarms or Call customer service and ask How to stop them.. 1-800-922-0204 or *611 and then Choose Technical Services which is Option 3  Good Luck b33