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Customer Service is Unreachable


Help. I need to perform the very basic task of adding pre purchased minutes to my MiFi device however, my attempts to login or register via are fruitless. If I attempt to login using my assigned telephone number the following error occurs, La información que ingresaste no coincide con la que tenemos registrada. Furthermore, If I attempt to use the Register feature a similar message is also given, We are unable to find your information in our records. Please verify you are entering the correct mobile number.

Also, I am unable to reach anyone at the provided support numbers because once I enter a phone number the automated voice says and error has occured and to try again later. I have been trying for 48hrs. I did get through to a chat agent but she was unhelpful and referred me to a number.

Please help. This is very frustrating.

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Re: Customer Service is Unreachable

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi dthomasontx!

Help has arrived!  I am so sorry for the trouble you're experiencing with adding your pre-purchased plan!

Was your MiFi device originally set up as a prepaid service plan?  What number(s) did you dial to try and reach Prepaid Customer Service?  I have a contact number for our Prepaid Customer Service Team.  It is toll free 888-294-6804.  Let me know so I can further assist.  ¡Gracias!

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