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extensor de red samsung


When I am on a phone call and someone calls me at the same time I put my phone call on hold to answer incoming call and the voice gets distorted. When I end the call and return to my first call there voice is then distorted. Verry frustrating. I had a Iphone 6s and now I have an Iphone Xr..Does this on both phones.....I have reset...tweaked..restarted..reinstalled...etc....

Please adise.....

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Re: samsung network extender

Community Manager
Community Manager

It is important that you are able to have good call quality. Is this only happening on the network Extender when you have multiple calls? Is your network extender connected to a landline internet connection that is getting at least 10mbps download, and 5mbps upload speeds? How long after you terminate the second call does the voice continue to be distorted? is it for the entirety of the first call, after the second call is terminated, or does it eventually return to normal?



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