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verizon or fedex lost my iphone on november 7th, yet they changed my contract date to new 2 years


I HAVE FEDEX PROOF THAT THE PHONE WAS NEVER DELIVERED AND THE BOX WAS said the box was empty, yet verizon still shows me with a new contract date ending in 2016 now.  i have talked to about a dozen folks who claim they will call me back or fix this issue , but nothing has been done at phone, no back tracking to the original contract end date to November of i am stuck trying to upgrade my phone but cannot because of Verizons error, yet my phone is dropping in price for trading.....I HAVE NEVER EVER DEALT WITH FOLKS WHO HAVE BEEN SO WORTHLESS OR UNRELIABLE...the fedex numbers for both the non delivery and return are documented, yet verizon still is not willing to rectify...I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO??...I truly feel screwed by this company that just says so much but does nothing

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