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trying to take one phone off my account


i have three phones on our family account. my contract is up on one phone i want to remove this number from the account.

Verizon has options for every other thing in the world,all i want to do is remove this phone!!! live chat is unavailable/busy. and let me AGAIN complain about this method of resolving customer issues. Verizon just does whatever it wants.

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Re: trying to take one phone off my account

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Removing (disconnecting) a line requires a call to Customer Care, 800-922-0204

Cannot be done online.

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Re: trying to take one phone off my account

Community Manager
Community Manager

rojodiosa We regret to heat that you want to cancel one of your lines. What is the reason the line is no longer needed on your account? As far as how to reach us in order to cancel a line, this has to be completed over the phone. We apologize for any inconveneince this has caused.

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