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text message usuage log


my question is why don't I see all the text messages in my usage log sent sent or received ?  is it because it is on do not disturb in the phone settings ?

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Re: text message usuage log

Líder Sénior

Are all the texts going through VzW's servers?  Those are the ones that show on the usage logs; iMessages or third-party text apps don't go through VzW's servers.

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Re: text message usuage log

Empleado de Verizon

BRADZUL27, I'll be glad to clear up any concerns over your text message log via your online My Verizon account. It's vital you have access to your text usage details when needed. Do Not Disturb would not be related to this text log problem. To better answer your question, what make and model phone are you using? What texting application are you using on your device?

Tikibar1 does prove a valid point. Keep in mind iMessage is a service provided directly by Apple. When you send and receive an iMessage to another iPhone, it uses your existing mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to complete the text exchange. Our network doesn't record iMessages as standard SMS text messages. You will only see your text record via your Verizon account with those using a basic, non-iPhone or Android phone. Does this clear up your question?


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