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sorry not a question


I couldn’t find any email or place to send my comment to Verizon, so here you go posting it to web.

I would like to express my deepest frustration, unhappiness with Verizon wireless , I made sure to ask questions about international service with Verizon wireless, "support team answered my questions about the phone, service and what I need to do".  The phone was very important device to keep us connected while she is traveling , I was very concern about her health and she is going to see special doctor overseas. 

I logged in to my account and added international plan to her new/good working LG phone, the first surprise my plan changed from 3 GB to 2 GB plan automatically as that plan not supported any more “according to support guy in my area”, that wasn’t big deal, however I added TravelPass  option.

My wife left the country, she turned on the phone in UK, no service, not even any service visible to pick from, while roaming is enabled (allowed)

She asked some phones seller and they couldn’t help, her flight was through Canada with long waiting hours, the phone didn’t work either, I called customer service, they couldn’t help (they told me the phone is off, while the phone was on all the time, she never turned off the phone “other than on flight”), she charged the phone on daily basis hoping the phone will find/pick acceptable service, but never happened.

When she arrived to US, the phone started working just normal.

Verizon  big name, junk service, junk phones, not knowledge support people,  I had service with T-Mobile for 17 years, the service was perfect , my phone worked overseas without any glitch or hassle , unfortunately T-Mobile doesn’t work well in our current house because of trees and weak signal.

Verizon, don’t lie to your customers, don't promise something you can’t deliver. 

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