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"Non return fee"


I am beyond furious with Verizon and how they are handling this.  I see it's a pretty common "miscommunication" with them, or whatever they would like to call it.  In my opinion, they are robbing their loyal customers, stealing money right from underneath them because we didn't read some fine print, which by the way I am normally really good at reading the fine print.

So I just want to post this to bring it to everyone's attention.  And if you are thinking of switching to Verizon, don't.

On Black Friday I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S6 for a promotional low price, which I was making monthly payments on for 2 years.  Couldn't have been happier with this.  At the time of purchase, I saw somewhere on the home screen of Verizon wireless that you could turn in your old phone for money, which I opted out of because mine had a cracked screen and I knew wouldn't be worth it.  So I received my new phone, read over my agreement completely, and was so happy with my purchase.  Until a week ago, when my bank account was charged over $200!  Upon looking into this I find out it's a "no return fee" for not turning in my old phone.  WHAT?  I was never made aware that I HAD to turn in my old phone, just that I had the option to do so if I wanted to.  I furiously contacted customer service, being as understanding as I could, and would have been happy for them to prove me wrong by providing me with some contract I agreed to stating that if I did not turn my old phone in I would be charged hundreds of dollars three months later without any notice whatsoever.  However, they could not provide me with this.  I guess it is just something I was SUPPOSE to know.   I was directed to a FAQ page on their website where the only thing I see is that with some new purchases, you MAY be required to turn in your old phone.  How does this apply to me?  I was also told they would send me a bill showing me that I was charged but I should have received a bill in November when I supposedly agreed to this arrangement.  But I have NO DOCUMENTATION of this.  I feel this is theft, and at the very least a huge scam to get every cent from their already good paying customers.  We recently switched my sister -in-law over to Verizon and got a bigger family plan with more data and if it wasn't for screwing my family over by having them pay more money I would be leaving Verizon for good.  It's upsetting, unnerving that they would just pull money out of my checking account with no notice, and extremely disappointing in this already money hungry world to see a company that I thought was very good to their customers scam us like this.  So beware, I would avoid purchasing new devices directly from this company, I know I will never fall for this again.

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Re: "Non return fee"

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Hi Ceencee21, I can sense your frustration over the issue of being billed a non return fee. I would not want you to leave us as we value your business. I desire to look more into this concern. I am sending you a private message and ask you to reply back to me when you receive it.
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