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"No upgrade fees"


So, I've had a device upgrade available for a couple of months now and decided to take a look at what phones are available. When I logged into My Verizon, I was greeted with this message:


Delightful! I was going to "Shop Smartphones" anyway, and it looks like now there won't be any upgrade fees! Maybe this is my reward for being a loyal customer for about 10 years or for waiting a while to upgrade instead of rushing into it. There are even some great sales on Android phones! So far so good:


Looks like the final price due at checkout will be $0.99 - what a bargain! Feeling pretty pleased with myself and Verizon at this point Notice that "Activation fees apply," but nothing is said about upgrade fees. I happily walked through the rest of the checkout process, but wait:


At some point the $40 upgrade fee snuck on there! Not to mention a whopping $39.37 of other taxes and fees!!! Now, after some research I know that the latter stems from a (ridiculous) California law that charges sales tax on the full retail price of the phone, which is annoying, but can't really be blamed on Verizon. But I am now paying almost $80 in taxes and fees on a phone that was advertised at $0.99, after being specifically told there were "No upgrade fees." I understand that this is still not a bad deal on a phone that retails for $450, so I decided to go through with it, but I am pretty infuriated by what I feel is nothing less than false advertising in this case, and I already regret letting myself get tricked into upgrading for "only 99 cents."

Hoping there's some way this fee can be refunded, since, y'know, you straight-up told me I wouldn't have to pay it.



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Re: "No upgrade fees"


As a ten year customer, I'm sure you're already well aware of upgrade fees.

The ad you posted is clearly referring to the payment plan (formerly Edge). Hence "No money down," which you conveniently didn't comment on. I'm sure you're already aware of that though.

Nobody likes upgrade fees, but thems the bricks. Its nothing you don't see at literally every phone company. It's never been hidden, It's not excessive in comparison, and it's a choice you actively made. Come on now.

The worst/best part is that in current plans, going with the Verizon payment plan instead of the contract would've saved you ~$6 a month in comparison. Per line. Or $72 of savings for the year, per line for comparison's sake.

But by all means, call customer service and beg for your upgrade fees back.


Re: "No upgrade fees"

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You can avoid the upgrade fee by paying the full retail price of the device instead (upfront or thru a payment plan) which is what that ad is for.

Re: "No upgrade fees"

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Verizon will drop phone contracts, end discounted phones

just an FYI.  Verizon is following other carriers and ending 2 year contracts and discounted phones. 

Re: "No upgrade fees"

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Yes ma'am! This person would have a totally different thing to "talk" about if they tried this deal after the 13th. No more subsidized 99cent phones!!