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promo not being applied




I just ported in 2 numbers to an existing account. I purchased the devices, but the account holder received a promo code via email to take $150 off the cost of each device. I was told by customer service via chat that the promo could still be applied, and that it would be reflected in the amount of my monthly device payments. Both devices were the iPhone 11 pro, so I was told that the monthly device payment would be $35 instead of $41. I just received the first bill and the promo was not applied. I have now had 2 cases sent to the back office for this. Who can I contact to get this resolved? 


Thanks in advance.

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Re: promo not being applied

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's important to get the correct promotion you qualify for, mfulton95. You came to the right team who can help get to the bottom of this. Since we'll need to ask for some non-public information, please check your inbox for my Private Note.



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