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no notification sound with incoming text


I have a samsung S6 edge using verizon's messaging+.  I was using a third party app for messaging but decided to switch back.  The other app was removed completely to avoid conflicts, but still no sound with incoming text, and no notification icon in the status bar.  The pop up appears as it should.


Notifications are enabled

Tried Privacy settings both on and off

Tried Heads up Notification on and off

Vibrate only in vibrate mode

Pop up enabled and working

Enabled popup over lock screen

In customize I've tried different tones with no luck

One thing that's different is there's a flickering "refresh" circle at the top by the search option.  It never stops.

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Re: no notification sound with incoming text

Sr. Member

did you enable haptic feedback and look in tones to see if silent or sound. also go to notifications in setting, see if messaging is enabled to notify. also try both mess plus and generic one to see if changes, or sadly last reset device in restore mode.

Re: no notification sound with incoming text


Thanks for the fast response. 

Messages notifications are default to sound and the Sound mode is "Sound".   Volume is high.  I turned on sound with screen selection and I do get sound with each key press.  Still no notification.

No doubt device reset would do it, but not sure I'm ready to go there yet.  Might be easier to go back to third party app.

Thanks for the help.

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Re: no notification sound with incoming text

Community Manager
Community Manager


It's important to be able to hear every time that you get a text notification. I'm here to help. Since you have removed the third party messaging application, have your sounds worked for the other features on your phone (phone calls, other notifications, etc)?

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