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no access to My Verizon


i have tried and tried and tried to fix this account.  i have paid to change my plan but the change is not being reflected in my bill.  i cannot access "My Verizon" on my phone as December 29, 2016....[Removed] is that all about?  My credit card is showing 30.50 being deducted for a new plan but not showing on Verizons website either.  do you think you could gyst and reflect some of the data that is supposed to be in place???


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Re: no access to My Verizon

Asistencia al cliente


We want being able to manage your account to be easy and sorry to learn that you have being having so many difficulties but we're happy to help. What exactly seems to be occuring when you attempt to access your My Verizon account? Are you receiving a specific error when trying to log in? Please share some additional details.

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