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misleading chat

Hola all,


Just wanted to warn other customers - I had an extensive chat with a Verizon associate about upgrading a device - with this quote:



The context here is that I was trading in an old phone for an iPhone 11.  I knew that there were promotions going on for trading up, and I asked several times to verify that there were no other requirements.  In the documentation I received about the offer, it referred to the device's original price.  I asked the representative about that:


And he said that it would be reflected in my bill, and everything would be fine.  


I was suspicious, and when I went in person to the store to confirm, they told me that the $200 trade-in required an upgrade to unlimited data.  No where in the chat did he make that clear.  And no documentation that I received made that clear.  


I understand that I have to thoroughly research everything with companies like this, and the burden is on me as the consumer to be smart about things - but I just hate to see this kind of shady service.  Please be careful and get confirmation on everything....


Re: misleading chat

Líder Sénior

Good on you for checking the actual requirements!