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lies, lies, lies

Went to verizon before Christmas. They had a deal going for 150 per line switch from another carrier. I work for a company that has a 20% discount deal with Verizon. I brought 4 lines which were in my wifes name and was told to get the deal the account would have to stay in her name. I said "but I want to use my discount I get for my company". He said," No problem, just come back in a month or so and we will switch the account to your name. Just wait until after you have recieved your credits." In the meantime one of our new phones had to be ordered. When we went to the store to activate the new phone they tried to reduce the trade in for the phone on that line because things had changed since our original agreement. I began to see the bait and switch in action here. I had to argue but they finally agreed to honor their original trade in deal. The credits came through in january, so my wife and I went to the store to change the account to my name as  we were instructed to do by our sales rep. Of course, when we went to the store, Verizon offerings had changed so to change the name on the account and keep everything else the same would cost $20 more per month. I agreed to do that but the circus that is Verizon wasn't finished with me yet. Our rep had recommended that we purchase our new phones using an edge plan. He said that would be cheaper. Well the account can't be changed if you use the edge plan. BAIT and SWITCH!!!! BAIT and SWITCH!!!.   The sales rep kept saying " I'm so sorry. I didn't know we wouldn't be able to switch the account. I'm sorry." Meanwhile, I'm now stuck with a 2 year contract at a significantly higher price than what I was told I would have. It would have been less expensive if I had just ordered the phones from apple and stayed with my original carrier. I didn't think anyone could have poorer customer service than AT&T. Boy, was I wrong. I am an honest person and I hate to think that a major corporation would base their business practices on LIES and DECEIT. I naively thought that when a company rep looked me in the eye and told me something repeatedly, that I could believe him. Unfortunately I have learned the true nature of Verizon as a company and will be sure to share it with as many people as I can. I was going to purchase 2 more lines which are still with AT&T but I have decided against it since I don't want to give Verizon another opportunity to rip me off.

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Re: lies, lies, lies

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Promotions change daily. Get used to it. Stuff thats Free today won't be tomorrow. That's how it works.

Re: lies, lies, lies

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I never do deals that are supposed to be un-done to be re-done at a later point, especially if it seems like it is circumventing terms, agreements, or seems morally wrong.  I take what is on the table at the time and not take a promise of what may come.

Re: lies, lies, lies


Exactly, I had a similar thing happen to me and when I called in to Verizon I was told oh you must have been dealing with a newbie.  Really?  That is your response?  It is your responsibility as a company to train your newbies and not blatanlty rip off the public.  Your company, your reputation.  As soon as I am able I am switching to a different company.  T-mobile always treated me very well but their phones didn't work in my current location. I will be trying other companies.

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