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iPhone promotion.... bogus


I am so incredibly disappointed in Verizon and the way it treats its longstanding customers. We have been with Verizon for 15years. Although Verizon gloats about how wonderful their service is (which I do believe Is fairly accurate), they are terrible at showing their customers. I upgraded 3, THREE, of our lines at the end of December, all to iphone 8 and iPhone X. Today my husband got a message alerting him of a buy one get one promotion on the phones we just upgraded to. Because there is only a 14 day "price protection" policy, they will not honor the promotion for us despite us being long term Verizon customers. I called to inquire on why this wouldn't apply to us and was told well... first the timing isnt within the necessary dates. Second we needed to be switched to an unlimited plan. Third, a phone would need to be traded in. And finally, a new line would need to be added. Well. I'm fine with switching to unlimited. I'm fine with trading in an iPhone 6s Plus that we own. And we actually could have disconnected a watch line and started a new line for the phone rather than "repurposing" the line(their doing). There are ways around all of their "issues" aside from the timing.  Phones were activated dec 25 and 26. we had 14 days. And the current promo started on Jan 29. I thought for sure when I called to discuss this this evening they would be willing to make an exception based solely on the fact of our long history with them. I pay Verizon around $350 a month. Which equates to 4200 a year.  And over the past 15 years I have been a customer of Verizon, I have paid roughly 60,000 to this business. That's right. 60,000. Do the math. And you cannot allow me to take advantage of a promotion being offered, simply because i was 2 1/2 weeks outside of the start date. Unreal Verizon. The customer service manager I spoke to this evening was friendly and assured me how grateful they were for my loyalty. Are you really? You really have no way of making rare exceptions for those customers who have stuck by your side and not jumped ship despite the amazing deals offered by other cell carriers? You have implemented change after change these last few years. Some things have been good. Some not so good. But in order to have a thriving business... start making your customers FEEL your appreciation for them. Give them reason to stay loyal to you. Remember. People can go elsewhere and still have service. You however, have nothing without any people. if Verizon doesn't seriously look into my complaint, I will be dropping my service with Verizon and will be going to sprint where service is within 1% of Verizon., I'll end up paying a ton less, and be given ample opportunites To take advantage of their promotions.

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Re: iPhone promotion.... bogus


You are outside of the return policy period so you don't qualify for the current promotion. So what? Live and learn for the next time you have paid off your device payment agreement and ready to purchase the next "new" phone to be on the lookout for a good promotion which you also qualify for.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: iPhone promotion.... bogus


You'll probably be upset to hear that you could have gone to Walmart and purchased those phones on Verizon payment plan(or full pay) and received a $300 Walmart gift card for each one. That's why you gotta shop around and be patient. They are deals to be had. Just don't think about how much you've wasted in those 15 years by not seeking the deals and knowing not to pay full price without some sort of an incentive.