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iPhone 6 "EDGE-Up" Question regarding Broken Device


I have an Apple iPhone 6 on EDGE and I broke my phone.  Even though I do not have Apple Care, I took my phone to the Apple Store to fix it. They could not repair it for me so they replaced the device.  If I EDGE up on this device, will I be charged the $299 penalty?

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Re: iPhone 6 "EDGE-Up" Question regarding Broken Device

Community Manager
Community Manager
rywrichards, I applaud you for being proactive in ensuring you have all the information you need before Edging up! You're asking a great question, here. Although your phone was not replaced under warranty or through Apple Care; your device would still qualify for the Edge Up option. The main factor is that you have the same make and model phone; in good working condition; at the time that you process the new Edge Agreement. Here's a link with more information surrounding our Edge and Edge up processes. Please let us know if you have further questions.
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