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how to submit a complaint to corporate office?



I am extremely frustrated every time we upgrade our phones we have variety of issues with promotions not being applied that when logged into the website on our my Verizon account it says we are eligible for or the store associate up-sells us on something and then tells us it only $5 month when we get our bill it is much more. Every time we try to order online in the last 4 years we get to the payment screen and try entering credit card trying multiple different credit cards but it is unsuccessful.This is my first complaint because it is really frustrating and I have wasted a lot of time because of this. I have reported this complaint when contacting customer service about other thing but still doesn't work right the last time I tried also to do it November when I upgraded my phone to the Note 8. Seems that when you tell customer service they don't care to report the issue. So, this needs to be reported and fixed.

My other main complaint is on Black Friday November 24th 2017 I place an order for the Note 8 it was supposed to be $26 a month, there was no indication that I needed to upgrade my plan to get this promotion. I got all the way thru placing the order online for pick up in store except I got stuck on the payment screen it would not accept any of the multiple credit cards I tried to use. So, I contacted customer service to complete my order they took my credit card and put it thru successfully and confirmed I would pay $26 month for the phone. Now, I have received two bills saying I have to pay $40 per month for the Note 8. I called last month after receiving the first bill, the rep stated it would take 1-2 billing cycles to appear. Now I received my second bill so I called customer service now they are telling me the reason the promotion did not apply is because I needed to upgrade to unlimited data. This is ridiculous we are always jumping through loop holes and having to call customer service every time we upgrade phones. I thought by ordering online I would be getting the truth and every detail about the promotion, but it appears even the website doesn't show all the correct information on promotions you are eligible for. It told me I was eligible for the $26 per month promotion for the Note 8 there were never any restrictions listed that you needed to have the unlimited plan on the Black Friday sale on November 24th. I do recall seeing sales after that which said you needed to have unlimited data but not on Black Friday sales. This is extremely tiring to have to constantly call customer service multiple times to get this resolved. When I called customer service today I asked for a supervisor after being on the phone with this rep for like 30 minutes. Rep refused to get me an available supervisor stated that they would have their supervisor call me back, so I am waiting but not holding my breath on that.

Yesterday I called and my call dropped rep sent me a text they would call me back after their call but never received a call then either. So, I doubt I will receive a callback from a supervisor. I pay over $300+ per month for 4 cell phones, so this is becoming extremely frustrating to pay this amount for cellphones every month to get such poor service. I am completely frustrated with Verizon, at my home I live out in the country and I get pretty terrible reception, but I have put up with it for years. Which no one acknowledges that we have been loyal customers for over 10 years. I am tired of this and this is the last straw for me. If this issue does not get fixed asap I will cancel all my services tablets and phones with Verizon and switch to another carrier.  How do I submit my complaint to the corporate office and CEO?


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Re: how to submit a complaint to corporate office?

Verizon Employee

MELNEL11 we would never want to lose you as a customer. We would never want to lose you as a customer. I understand the importance of getting this figured out. Please respond the Private Message that was sent.


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Re: how to submit a complaint to corporate office?


Im a customer of verizon . I went into the store in coral gables. and dont remember the name of the sales person but i have a 7 plus and was thinking of getting another phone for my business. and the sales person told me the 6 is free only an extra 25 dollars a month and then  he said he would give my husband an extra 4 months for free if he went from pay as you go to  the contract≥ My husband loved pay as you go but for 4 months free i talked him into it. . then i get the bill for 500 and thinking there is a mistake spoke to a salesperson on the phone for 2 hours and he said i know the problem i will call you back in 3 days and get yoiu the credit. well as busy as i am i waited 2 weeks never a call. so I called today with was september 3 2019 at approx 500 pm. and was told that i get a credit off the bill for 9 dollars a month. i was lied to and i want to cancel all my lines. i want to put all over    social media about how verizon scammed me. but figured this is my last try   to see if you can do something .   talking to tmobile at the same time im emailing you. this week ill be switching if i hear from you  i might reconsider.