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going to switch


what's up with these

My bill comes to 155. verizon charges a surcharge for each device and government taxes and fees for each device. ATT only taxes only once. and my bill would be 130. luckily I have been experimenting with att hotspot and I have coverage in my area. I just have to get someone to by my phones since they won't work on ATT network.

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Re: going to switch

Asistencia al cliente

We greatly appreciate your loyalty and always strive to offer you the best value to help you stay. I can assure you the surcharges, government taxes and fees are billed appropriately and similar to others provider offering the same number of lines. Taxes are calculated on a percentage of each lines charge which would come out the same as if the charge was calculated as a total for the account. What can we do further to help you stay?


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