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going on alaskan cruise and question about data useage


I am going to be taking an Alaskan cruise and I am curious on what verizon wireless covers. All I could get from the cruise line is that Verizon needs a roaming agreement with wireless maritime services...basically roam internationally. I am just wanting to basically keep in touch with our kids while away. Does anyone know what charges there are for things while on the sea, in canada, or alaska. thanks in advance!

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Re: going on alaskan cruise and question about data useage


have you take a look at the Verizon Coverage map... that is where you should start and compare it to the route you will be taking... than if you are seeing  gaps.. the Customer Service and technical departments will be able to advise your properly on how that is covered or if you will definitely  need a temporary coverage. plan  .the following is a great layout on the coverage territory Why Verizon? - Verizon Wireless

hope that helps and hey ...enjoy that Cruise..I have heard a few do it and loved it.