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giving feedback on new billing website layout


I couldn't figure out how to give feedback on the new layout of the billing portion of the website. It has changed since last month, and to me, it has not changed for the better. Does anyone know a way to formally submit written feedback?

Until that happens, these are my major issues with the new layout:

- the words are HUGE. For all other sites the zoom on my computer is 100%. When going to the new billing overview web layout, I have to unzoom to 50% in order to read more than 4 words at a time. Can the words be changed back to a normal size that doesn't involve unzooming only on this site? the words are normal when I go to pay my bill which is the same layout. It's really the "bill" and "bill overview" sites that have changed.

- The old layout on the bill overview site contained a graph that showed me how much of my data I had used for the month. I could take a quick look at it and know where I was for usage. That very helpful graph is now gone. It's been replaced with words telling me the amount of gb I have used. Can I get the graphic back?

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Re: giving feedback on new billing website layout

Community Manager
Community Manager

You can always submit feedback on the Verizon Website. Once you are there, you will see a tab on the right side that says "feedback" click on the tab and it will redirect you to the feedback page for you to be able to submit your feddback.


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