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I got a mifi a few days ago for my rural home. I have been shocked at the usage. Please note i have done NO video streaming, NO youtube, NO audio streaming, turned off icloud and auto backups on my devices. The first night i had the device i surfed the web for about 1 hour. I was shocked when i checked my usage the next morning to find 2.4 gb used! When i checked deeper in Myverizon - it showed that over 1gb was used before we were even home from the verizon store and had it plugged in, how is this possible. This morning i turned the mifi back on, logged on to myverizon to check usage and then shut it back down.. myverizon was the ONLY page i went to... and it shows i used 167 MB to do this. Given that the average web page is 2-3 MB, i am struggling to see how in the world Verizon thinks i am using so much data for simple tasks. Using Verizon's own data calculator, i should be able to surf the web at a rate of 50 pages per day and only use 1500 MB per billing cycle. At this point i am about to eat the activation fees and restocking fee and take it back. I refuse to pay for data that i am not actually using.

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Re: data usage

Verizon Employee


Data usage can certainly add up quickly and we definitely want to ensure that we set the right expectations so you can be set up for success. To be sure, how exactly are you identifying your usage sessions? We ask because data usage is recorded in 6 hour block sessions so when you refer to your usage you would be seeing data usage totals based on what was done during that entire 6 hours session. Also, when not in use, are you powering the MiFi off completely? If left on, any connected devices would still have the potential to use data even without your knowing depending on what devices are connected and their settings.


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