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data lost before new cycle to start


Does any one lost data usage before the new cycle to start?  I lost data for the past 3 to 4 months and thus it has been recovered by talking to VZ tech.  This past month hrs overnfrom 1/6-2/7, I lost over 2GB.  Chat with VZ tech and was told backgroun job maybe running and so ate up that much data over few hours before the new cycle to kick in.  I told VZ tech that i find it unbelievable because if this is the case then my 8GB per month would not last few days, then she told me that she can't look back since new cycle kick in and it erase all data. untrue?  after this argument she promised to investigate in 3 days and email me the result, it's been almost 2 weeks and nothing.  I do keep track of my data every few hours and up to every hour to the new cycle to start and after it, so I uncovered the lost of more than 2GB in this February cycle.  Just wondering if anyone experienced this lost of data?

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