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data assignment


We presently have two I-Phones and a Jetpack on a 30+2 GB data plan. We keep running out of data and end up in ‘safe mode’, a completely useless option. Your ‘unlimited’ plan is a fraud, limiting each device to 15GB at full speed. The two phones typically use 5GB each with the remainder used by the Jetpack. Using the phones as a ‘hot spot’ when the Jetpack exceeds 15GB is impractical.

  How can I get a plan with 30GB on the Jetpack and 5GB on each phone?

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Re: data assignment


You could separate the Jetpack into its own sub-account with a separate data only plan. This would allow you to have a plan based on the smartphone usage for just the smartphones.

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Re: data assignment

Community Manager
Community Manager

It's important you're on the right plan for your usage, MAUBEC31. We currently offer a variety of mixed plans. You can check out all current plans here,


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