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I am SOOOOO unhappy with customer support.  I initially chatted , I asked for a live person because the initial chat was a thing, not a person.  I was kept running in circles with chat, and getting no where.  I was placed un a cue and my expected wait time was 5 minutes.  45 minutes later still no hone call.  I dialed *611, and got to play another run around game with a computer.  After 90 minutes I was able to speak with a live person, who still didn't understand my question or was unable to tell me the price of adding a line to my existing line to my account, or give me a price for my husband to open a new account that would include removing his personal phone from my account and placed in his new account along with the phone number his company gave him when he started with the company.  My second question was regarding the pin number of the existing account.  He is already an authorized manager of the account.  I was concerned with him using the pin, woud he have the ability to delete my phone from existing account.  From what I understand, the PIN can change his number, and add a phone to existing account. But my phone can not be tampered withbecause I am the primary account owner.  After all this occurred, I thought there would be an email I could voice my opinion, but there is none. The only way to voice concerns via snail mail.  So there for the verizon community is hearing my rant.  Thank you for letting me express myself.


Re: customer service

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Figuring price for a new line is easy most of the time. If you have a non unlimited plan, the price would be the same as the other lines.

Example: You have a plan that's $20 per line, a new line would be the same $20.

If you have a current unlimited plan, you go to the plan section on the website and set the line counter anywhere from 1 to 5+ to see what each line would cost. For older mix and match unlimited plans, that line would have to be one of the current offerings making finding cost the same. 

A pin is just for authentication. Being an account manager means they can do everything you can as owner except changing the pin or adding managers. This includes disconnecting your number and ordering equipment without your say so. Don't add authorized users if you don't trust them.


Re: customer service

Asistencia al cliente

We are sorry to read that you had this negative experience, as we always want to make sure we are able to help out with any questions you might have, but we'll be glad to help.


If your husband is an account manager and has the PIN, it is possible to disconnect or move a number from the account. The only thing he can't do is add another account manager or change the PIN for the account.