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complaint 12/23/2014


I've spent the past few years not ever worrying about my mobile providers services, products, and customer service because. I've experience nothing but the best. From equipment, technology, internet,  phone conversation clarity, to customer service. I've participated in various surveys letting you all know to continue to do the best as you can definitely distinguish yourselves away from the rest. Today, 12/23/14, I spoke to a CS rep who sounded nice but came to find out she was badgering my loyalty with you guys by giving me information on my account. I called to inquire about your edge promotional program that i was offered about two weeks or less. Back then, i qualified for the promo and i was asked to enroll and buy into it on that day. I complimented everyone i spoke to because they were all courteous and generous. I believe most were from the Jersey office. I dont know who or where is the person i spoke with today, but she did not uphold the Verizon brand with the treatment I felt was unnecessary and it did not address the issue. She was insensitive to my situation although she may have used words of empathy but the message she sent across was tarnishing to how I morale and inconsistent with everything ive ever experienced. Sure, if you hear the recording she may have sounded polite but the problem here is that she focused on what she could not do for me and why she could not do for me what I inquired about. She basically subliminally trashed my track record with you all, even though not once in two years have my services ever been disconnected . Furthermore, in the past years of service, i've acquired a total of 3 phone lines and a tablet and i consistently receive loyalty emails from your company - if that means anything anymore. She has changed my entire experience and has left me with a sour taste in my mind. I never stated a specific date of when I would consider switching to a competitor but her immediate defensive reaction was to tell me what i'm already aware of early termination fees. As if I was some sort of idiot and didnt know what policies i signed and agreed upon activation of my services. i'm disappointing, i'm concerned, and i'm considering alternatives. Whoever this person is, that i spoke with today ... I recommend a change of attitude, not her tone of voice but her careless attitude towards loyal customer who threaten me with terms and condition rather than try to work with me and find a solution that works. she didnt focus on what we can do , she focused on what she couldnt do and i find that disappointing. i want a copy of this complaint sent to your corporate office, i want a confirmation that it was done so. Or i will continue to escalate this to the higher levels if i see no results. In a competitive environment it is sad and discouraging to continue my services with Verizon who's services and brand i live up to , defend and promote to others. Today I've never felt like such a dead beat when trying to reach out to you for future products and services. please escalate to corporate and the the operational center this individual reports to. Not once, with all the hardship i've had in the past, no one in your company has ever treated me the way i was treated today.

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