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I been a customer for years for the past month the signal where I work is 2 bars max drop almost every call text wont send for several min

Been there 10 years same place no change in building  but inside plant got awful.I got a new Samsung S-7 .when it  started at first of year I called Verizon 3 time they told me to try advance  settings went threw it with me but nothing help .I took to local store they are a joke all they do is sell Phones and take money relay rood told me to call teck support .Can anyone help or do I need to switch carriers.

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Re: bad signal

Sr. Member

First check with other people in your area that have Verizon service to see if they are also having trouble. If not I would again call tech support and if problem can't be corrected this time I would be talking warranty and replacement.

Re: bad signal

Community Manager
Community Manager

LARUE24 The last thing we want is to lose you as a customer. It is a concern that your service has declined. Let's see how we can fix this. Which zip code are you having signal problems? Are you experiencing dropped calls indoors or outdoors?


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