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Yeah rite


I feel like I'm being ripped off I have 20gb it resets on the 10th I'm out of data around the 30th and I don't play video just fb. So sick of them riping me off. There about to go by by.

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Re: Yeah rite

Líder Sénior

What phone?

DO you share data with other users?

What app does your phone say is using all the data?

DO you stream music?

Sometimes it's a runaway application, sometimes it's a defective phone.

If you start the phone in safe mode, it can give you an idea if the phone or an app is faulty.   To start in safe mode, turn on the phone with the volume (and home button if you have one).  This eliminates all apps from running, just the operating system. 


Re: Yeah rite

Asistencia al cliente

Hold on, that sounds like a bad way to start out the New Year. Let's get you some answers and see what is happening here. Do you have more than one phone on your account with shared data? Do you have any internet pages open in the background? Do you close your apps down when on a regular basis? What make and model phone do you have? We can find some answers for you, and help you get back to the regular usage you are used to.
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