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Wrong international texting charges?


For 3 to 4 months now I have been seeing a spike in my bill, at first I did not know what it was but after investigating more its for outgoing international text messages(titled Text-int'l sent).  It started with 3 dollars, last month there was a 10 dollar charge and this month a 5 dollar charge on my bill, And here's the best part, I live in Arizona my area code is 602 the international texts I'm getting charged for are to a 602 my fiancée... who lives with we text if he goes to the store or he's at work at most 5 to 7 miles from our apartment. I'm getting fed up. My account is on auto pay and if I didn't constantly check my bill I'd end up paying these bogus charges. Is anyone else going through this? or has gotten an actual response from Verizon saying they will fix this or why its caused? Please check your bills at 25 cents or so these charges add up..

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Re: Wrong international texting charges?

Líder Sénior

Are you near the Mexico border?  It sounds like roaming charges...turn off or disable all roaming so the phone will not use Mexico towers.Settings --> Mobile Networks -->  Data Roaming and ensure that roaming is disabled or not allowed.