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Worst garbage site I've EVER dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Considering what Verizon does as a company and services it offers, it has theworst website/platform I've ever dealt with in my life! 

I can't log in or it repeatedly asks me to log back in or kicks me off and asks me to log in after just clicking on a different link that previously worked before.  

I work in the technology industry so I AM NOT a novice user. 

My level of frustration with Verizon's site is through the roof on a DAILY basis. 

It does not matter what service or section you log into because Ive tried to help my mom log into her FIOS account and it's equally frustrating. 

I think it's an embarrassment that a company that offers internet service and FIOS TV cant get their sh*t together and put together a decent site for their customers to do the most BASIC tasks.


Ed Daza

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Re: Worst garbage site I've EVER dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately you have posted your complaint on the Verizon Wireless Community forum and not the Verizon Fios forum. For issues with Verizon Fios, please contact the Verizon Fios customer service or ask your question in the Verizon Fios forum. 


I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Worst garbage site I've EVER dealt with!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asistencia al cliente

dcdaza, we hear you loud and clear and are here to help turn this all into a better experience. So we can help, please send us a Private Note! Thank you! JoseL_VZW