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Worst experience ever. I am done. This is just to help others.

I had a trip to Spain from the 31st of December to the 12th of January. I decided to put the month to month 100 plan on both mine and my wife's phone. After the first day, seeing how much data why wife went through I knew I was better off switching her to the TravelPass $10 a day plan. I went on the Verizon site on the 1st of January and selected Add TravelPass and thought that was it.....Until I got the bill.

They have no record of me changing to travelpass. After "I" did the work to figure out what happened. I still couldn't get any kind of resolution on changing the charges. The problem seems to arrive that you can't have both daily and month to month plans at the same time. Now, this would not be a problem if Verizon had competent web developers who would give you an error, or remove one when adding another, or give you a dialog box saying you must remove one before adding the other. As you can see in the screenshot below, when I check the box to Add TravelPass, the continue to next step changes from gray to red and it lets you proceed to the next step and you think travelpass gets added. It doesn't. You still get charged every time you go over the pathetic 100mb data limit or over the 90 allowed text. I made a good faith effort to change it. I showed why it didn't work and they still want to charge me for their incompetence.


You can have my money for it. And you can have my early termination and device fees.

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Re: Worst experience ever. I am done. This is just to help others.
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Additional charges can be very shocking, especially if you have planned and made changes to avoid them. I understand how important it is that you are billed accurately, and not spend any additional money than needed. I don't want to see you go over this. I appreciate the visual you sent, but I'm unable to view the link you shared. Have we looked into this concern for you?

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Re: Worst experience ever. I am done. This is just to help others.

They attempted to look into it for me but since it did not actually change that was pretty much the end of the road. I tried to explain how the website is the problem, after I select Continue to Next Step it show me as TravelPass being added. There was no error or anything, so I assumed it went through, they said because it didn't actually go through, they don't have a log of it and it's my fault.

As I said in my original post, I tried to get a remedy and this post is just for future people so they don't get screwed by charges as well. They have to remove the month to month before adding travelpass or it won't work and you will still get charged.