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WordPress issues with mifi jetpack 5510L


Has anyone noticed issues while working on a wordpress site while connected to the internet via a jetpack / mifi?

I have a good solid 4g connection. My computer is inches away from the jetpack. All other internet functionality works fine.

The one problem I am having with the jetpack is when trying to work on a wordpress site.  The admin / back end of the wordpress site intermittently times out.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Or can anyone recommend some settings on the jetpack that might help?

Could it possible be a secure site issue . . .etc?



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Re: WordPress issues with mifi jetpack 5510L

Líder Sénior

My guess would be your host's server is the issue, not the JetPack or YOUR connection.Especially if other sites load and work well for you.  Use tools like WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test o Website speed test to see how the site loads.  WordPress has a high overhead in terms of load times and backend stuff going on - and adding the Dashboard interface on top of that for editing the site gives you a data intensive situation.

Does the time out happen when editing pages? posts?  Uploading files?  Using or editing with a specific plugin?  Plugins add functionality, but they can also wreak havoc with load times and page speeds.  And the more plugins you have, the greater the chance of conflicts and problems.


Re: WordPress issues with mifi jetpack 5510L


I am having the same problem! It wasnt always like this, it randomly times out, it will work for about 30 seconds then time out for 2 minutes, internet speed is fine everything else works normally. please help

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