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Protección del teléfono móvil


I ordered a phone a while back and I selected Wireless Phone Protection (I see it on my order as "Wireless Phone Protection   -   $7.15" ). But when I go to file a claim on Asurion's website, it says I am not enrolled in the Device Insurance program and when I go to check the "Manage Features" page on the My Verizon app, it says I "Declined Insurance". What is going on? I clearly selected insurance since I see it on the order I placed when I got the phone.

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Re: Wireless Phone Protection

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sounds like negligence as usual caused a system anomolie, and i highly suggest to get on the horn and drive it home to them. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ANY DOCUMENTATION AS YOU PAID FOR PLAN, IT CANT BE DISPUTED.dont back down, and demand it be escalated a level up until it gets fixed,of course someone else will challenge this suggestion, but lifes short and so are phones when they fail.

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