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Windows 10 burning data useage?


A few weeks ago, I bought a Dell all-in-one computer loaded with Windows 10.  I have Verizon wireless service and have been using a USB connection for internet service.  With 2 phones, a tablet and an old PC we never exceeded 10 GB in any month.  I bought a MyFi router to support the new computer and in a little over a week I got a notice that I had used all of 16 GBs of data.  I bought 1 GB for $15 and turned the Mifi off for the next 10 days.

The new month just began and I want to use the new equipment since the speed is so much faster and the computer is just fun.  Is there something I can do to slow the usage down?  I'm going to turn the wifi off of the computer and the Mifi off when we leave the house.  We rarely do video unless its something like you tube or facebook.  Can I turn off auto updates or is this even the problem?



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Re: Windows 10 burning data useage?



I have just purchased a new HP desktop with Windows 10 as well just 3 weeks ago. Never thought of the data sucking vampire it is, I figured it would use no more data than my old computer. WRONG! Just today, I got a message that I've used 90% of my 7th overage on my 8GB plan. There are so many programs that run in the background with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser with Cortana uses a hefty amount of that data. There are a few things on the internet that address this and you can find most of them by Googling "Windows 10 data usage". There are a few articles which tell you which programs to turn off and how to do it. I also found that my HP computer has Internet Explorer and I switched to using it instead of Microsoft Edge. Lucky for me, I figured out what was wrong with my old computer so I've switched back to it but eventually like other Microsoft systems, Windows 7 will eventually get replaced so the new computer will get stored until I really need it. One more thing- ditch the "mi-fi" and get an Ellipsis tablet. I had a mi-fi jetpack that was a free replacement for my old Samsung wi-fi hot spot but it sucks up data as well. I have an Ellipsis 8 tablet which I use for wi-fi and it is much easier on the data usage than that hotspot and the access is $10 as opposed to $20 for the hot spot.