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Why was I unable to access email from Europe ?


How can I access Verizon emails while traveling outside the United States ?  "My Verizon Login Email" accepted my username; next it bumped me off onto verizonwireless screen after I entered my password.   Result ... I was unable to read emails while vacationing and unable to log in and view airline reservations and download my boarding passes... vital for a traveler  .  Instead, I was forced to switch to my gmail account, which did function as expected. Several other persons traveling in my group also were unable to access their Verizon email accounts.

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Re: Why was I unable to access email from Europe ?

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We understand the importance of being able to access your email to while out of the country DrBosco. Were you trying to access your email account while on wifi access or directly from your handset? Did you receive any sort of error messages?


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