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Why the price change from a plan to a cheaper plan so miniscule?


If I switch from the $75 unlimited plan to the new $40 5GB plan why does my bill only go down from $112 to only $96 when the price change is only a 30 dollar difference?

I'm currently on the GoUnlimited Plan ($75/mo) while also paying for my S9 (about $30 monthly) so the charges would add up to $112/mo (+taxes) which makes sense.

but now I'm trying to switch to the 5GB Plan($40/mo) so the charge plus my monthly phone payment ($30) should be about $70/mo but its 96/mo according to the Verizon calculator.

I understand there's an extra charge of $20 but I'm unsure if its monthly or not. but if it is... why is it an additional charge? when I was paying for my GoUnlimited I was never charged an extra 20.

I asked this question to live support and I thought I understood. but I was mistaken and even more confused now

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