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Why reconnect fees when no disconnection?


I have been out of work on short term disability following a back surgery, so I am behind on some of my bills. However, I have been catching them up--Verizon being one of them.

However, on my last bill I have a reconnect fee on each of my phone lines. I was late, but made the payment before the stated date of cut off--so why is that fee on my account?

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Re: Why reconnect fees when no disconnection?

Community Manager
Community Manager

PaisleyKatt, having unexpected charges can definitely be alarming. We are here to help. I sent a private message so we may go over your billing and figure this out.

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Re: Why reconnect fees when no disconnection?


Am I the only one who thinks $20 per line is excessive to flip a switch to reconnect service?  It is especially daunting for large families like mine with 7 lines. I feel like I'm being penalized for doing so much of my wireless business with Verizon