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Why is the app, and the support therein, so appallingly bad?


I tried to preorder the Pixel 2 XL via the app, and when I try to put in my card info, it won't let me continue because the zip code on my card needs to match the billing zip code on the account. I spoke to 3 separate support personnel, including a floor manager, and none were helpful.

The only suggestion they had was to change the billing address until the order processed, and then change it back. But why do I have to jump through all those hoops? What's the purpose of this policy if it's got such a simple (albeit frustrating) workaround? Who is this benefitting?

And before you give me some canned response to contact customer care, I already did that. They can't take preorders until tomorrow.

I've worked for Verizon in the past. I know how these launches typically work. The OEM makes a less than adequate number of devices at launch, and they're backordered quickly. So, while I could have ordered my device tonight, and had it at launch on Oct. 25th, I now have to try to order it tomorrow, and hope they're not backordered until November.

Not only that, but I had a much larger problem when I tried to order the original Pixel last year. It was a month long ordeal with support reps trying to ship my phone to the wrong address, then ordering the wrong device when I tried to have the first issue corrected, to a bunch of other issues until I eventually just gave up and cancelled the order entirely because I had no confidence in Verizon's customer service team.

I almost switched providers then, and at this point, I'm wondering why I haven't yet. It also makes me wonder why I tried so hard to defend Verizon when I was an employee, and a customer would complain about Customer Care and Verizon policy. Being on the other side of the desk, I understand the frustration even more.

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Re: Why is the app, and the support therein, so appallingly bad?

VZ Employee Emeritus

I've sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox en to discuss further details about your concern.

TabithaJ_VZW Follow us on TWITTER @VZWSupport If my response answered your question please click the Correct Answer button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

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Re: Why is the app, and the support therein, so appallingly bad?

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I too have had problems with this app and they just don't seem to care. There are times it take me several  taps to get the app to just open the way it is supposed to.Had this problem sense the last time they update it to have this new Verizon up program. Support came on here and to this day have not answer my question on how to get it to work. Of course the only thing that is going to help is that they rewrite the program for this app. Let us know if TabithaJ was able to give you help on getting your new phone.

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