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Why is chat support grayed out?


The chat suppot buttons are grayed out, There is a notice that "We will return at 6 AM." I have tried this several times after 6 AM and the situation remains the same. I need quick onine support becaus I am unable to make calls. Hw can I access chat support?

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Re: Why is chat support grayed out?

Asistencia al cliente


So sorry to hear that you have been unable to get assistance via chat! You can alternatively receive assistance by calling 800-922-0204 from another phone. You can also reach out to us via social media by sending us a message on our Faceboock page or Tweeting us @VZWSupport. Are you still unable to make calls? If so, what happens when you try? What model phone are you having the trouble with? What zipcode are you in?

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Re: Why is chat support grayed out?


I have had the same problem with 'grayed out chat lines' for several days.

I am in remote area of Baja Sur Mexico, with phone suspended, but I am continuing to get billed via my auto pay account at my bank.  I can't call 800 numbers from my Mexican phone.  ¿Cuáles son mis opciones?  I can pay several months in advance (had suspended for three months, but just activated today to be able to re-suspend for additional time), but don't want the hassle of trying to get a refund when I return . . .

I can't figure out why I am getting billed at all, plus my account shows much higher billing for both accounts than what I should be paying . . . absurd!!!


Re: Why is chat support grayed out?


Yes - it is 11AM Eastern on a Friday.  I know that someone SHOULD BE available.  I'm in a foreign country with a phone that doesn't make or receive calls, but the data is working.  No way to contact support is absolute crap.  Even if there wasn't a person available to chat there should be a way to ask to be contacted.  I moved to Verizon a few months ago after 10+ years with AT&T.  This is my second trip abroad I can not wait to move back to AT&T as fast as this contract ends.  It has been a horrible, horrible experience.