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Why is Verizon taking so long to apply my credit to my bill?


I did the Verizon Edge upgrade back in November 26, 2014 and I payed the difference for the buyout. Verizon,s warehouse received my phone on December 9, 2014. On my January bill I received an equipment charge of $240, claiming that the device wasn't received. I called in late January when I saw the amount an filed the request with the phone representative (including the Tracking number from USPS, which luckily I kept). I had to call again in the beginning of February because I did not receive any communication stating whether or not my request was approved. I had to file another request with another representative who asked for the tracking number again. I followed up within 3-4 day, regarding my second request and spoke with another representative stating it was approved, but I would have to wait for the next billing cycle. Meanwhile, I was previously told that if it was approved my credit would be applied within 24 hours. I agreed to pay the difference between what I owed and the credit and it annotated in my account.

Now, I'm on my next billing cycle and the department that handles applying the credit processed it too late. Now, I'm being told AGAIN that I have to wait for next billing cycle. I am already being contacted stating that if I do not pay my past due balance my services will be interrupted. I have never seen such an inconsideration, where I am being billed, for an internal mistake on behalf of Verizon and their procedures, two months later (going on to the third) and they still will not apply my credit even though I was told by a phone representative and supervisor. I've had to call customer service multiple times throughout two months. I have received such rude and poor customer service to the point that I was continuously being interrupted and was transferred out to another department without notice. This type of customer service is incredibly insulting to the consumer and just motivates switching providers!

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