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Why have I not received by bill credits?


This problem happened in Oct 2016.  A payment of $576.46 was paid from Century Link on Oct. 28th.  At that time we were bundled with Century Link.  On  Nov 14th we went to Verizon and purchased new phones and at that time sales person said she could put together the best deal if we unbundled with Century Link so we agreed.  Well our bill with Century Link cut on Nov 16th and when received I saw the payment owing of $730.34.  That was my first knowledge of the $576.46 for Verizon.  In talking to Verizon about the reason it had to do with international billing for Oct.  We were in Mexico from Oct 5, 2016 to Nov 5th 2016 for medical reasons.  International calling was incorrect and adjustments were made.  The problem was Century Link had already paid the $576.46 on Oct 28th.  So that began the 4 months of trying to resolve the problem of sending the $576.46 back to Century Link but after 4 months of talking with different Verizon associates they decided it could not be sent back so therefore I had to pay Century Link.  Well the adjustments were made to my Verizon account and adjustment should have been mailed to me so I could in turn send it to Century Link. You will see on our account there is a credit for $319.67.  It also shows credit for $576.46 that would be from Century Link.  Over the 4 months I had to call each month when new statements came with nothing being done.  I have talked with Roger 12-28-16 assuring me the $575.46 could be returned, then Cicily in Jan, Brandi in Feb and Amy, Heidi and Ross in March.  Finally on March 8th it was flat decided there was nothing to be done and I just had to pay Century Link.  So I am paying Century Link $576.46 but by doing so that's like I am not getting any credit for the international error in October.  When you see my statement for Oct 27 - Nov 26 my amount owing is only $16.37 that small amount is due to sales of new phones and however sales associate put our sale together.  We did pay $165.96 on the day of purchase 11-14-16.  Out of the $576.46 I should owe normal monthly bill plus $120.00 for our 2 phone lines for the international calling at $2.00 a day per phone line.  In Nov I paid $165.96 at time of purchase of 2 new phones.  The way the credits were shown on the bill summary for Oct - Nov. does me no good if I have to pay Century Link the $576.46.  I am very unhappy about the end result of all of this especially of explaining each month for 4 months.  Someone along the way should have been able to know exactly what to do to handle it in a much better way.  Or put me in touch with the proper supervisor that could handle it.  Bottom line I feel the $319.67 should have come to me in a check to pay back Century Link.  I feel my out of pocket is ending up my having to pay Century Link back.  Any input for a different resolution would be very appreciated.


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Re: Why have I not received by bill credits?

Asistencia al cliente

That is quite the story, Susan.  I'd like to see what I can do to get this resolved.  I will send you a message directly so I can begin my investigation.  You can also message us on Facebook or Twitter.



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