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Why doesn't Auto-Pay work like it is supposed to?


Every other month I get a text saying my Auto Pay failed and to call *611.  After wading through the inordinately byzantine menus I finally get a person who seems very concerned and attempts to fix the problem.  The the text shows up again.  Is part of the Auto Pay process some sort of social experiment to see just how much BS customers can take???  I am told that if the first attempt to withdraw does not go through for any reason the text message is generated, but that the system keeps trying and it usually goes through after the next try.  REALLY??  THEN WHY DON'T YOU CHANGE THE SYSTEM DEFAULT TO SEND THE TEXT AFTER FOUR ATTEMPTS????  Why make me waste 30 minutes a month trying to get a problem that you created resolved?  The credit carfd you are drawing on has a credit limit that would easily purchase a new car, so it has NEVER been an issue of lack of funding.  WTF Verizon???

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Re: Why doesn't Auto-Pay work like it is supposed to?

Asistencia al cliente

It must be maddening to have this happen every month, MauvaisGarcon. We will take this opportunity to get this sorted for you. I've sent a Private Message so we may investigate the Auto Pay set up on your Verizon Wireless account.  Together we'll find these answers.

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