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Why does verizon refuse to pull our sales call or contact us back?


This has been an ongoing problem since Dec. 8th when we began our upgrade to the edge.

We spoke with a JOE [Removed] about our upgrades to Iphone 6 plus that was on promotion for $15 a month. He mistakenly cleared our order for the phones and lost the order. He then instructed us it was the end of his work shift that he would handle the order the next morning.

By the next morning the phone were out of stock and we missed the upgrade due to him not wanting to transfer us to another salesman out of fear of losing his commission. We was upgraded a total of 4 lines.

So on Dec. 9th we contact verizon to complain the above fact. Spoke with a representative and when we was told nothing could be done we requested a Manager. We then got Aaron which assured us that he would take care of it and get us the iphone 6S plus for the same price. He explained that our bill and agreement would show full price but we would see a credit for the promotions on our bill to compensate for the price difference. We was also told our bill would be in the range of $275

So the month went by we got our first bill and it is over $330. So we called Verizon once again In January to see what was going on. We was informed that our phones was $29.00 each not $15 and they basically had no clue what we was talking about. So once again a Manager was requested So after explaining the entire situation and her checking our records the young lady which assured us that it would be taken care of after an hour of having to explain the above all over. Finally after 2 hours of conversation we was promised due to the mistake we would receive a bill credit of the difference of the phone charges which was $1080. So another week or so goes by and not a single peep from verizon about our credit. So once again we are on the phone. We are now proceeded to be told this credit was declined as there was not enough information to back up our claim. So we proceeded to request our calls to be pulled. I was assured they would be and it would take 48 to 72 hours to do so.

Once again we are faced with not a bit of communication from Verizon and we also requested to be noted on account to call us with any finding or changes. On Feb. 1, 2017  I get on the phone and directed the representative to just immediately transfer me to a supervisor so I was not left with having to explain for the 100th time the issue. I get a Tabitha [Removed] on the line. She assures me that the calls will get pulled after our hour long conversation and that she would speak directly to Aaron the manager that promised us the sale price and processed our order. Assured that I would be called back that day which was 02/01/2017.

I was not contacted back that day or since and it is now 02/08/2017. I have emailed Tabitha with no response as well. Our bill keeps creeping up which is now $368 mind you when we made the order we was told $275. This is a far cry from that total. So my question is what does a customer have to do to get this resolved? We have been customers of Verizon since 1999. That is 17 nearly 18 years we have been a verizon customer.

Why has my calls not been pulled? Why is not a single representative taking this matter seriously? We have a mile long of notes on our account that goes all the way back to Dec. 8th.. Apparently there is a communication problem with verizon and its staff.

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Re: Why does verizon refuse to pull our sales call or contact us back?


Not every call is recorded.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.