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Why do I have issues every time I change my plan with Verizon?

Every single time, without exception, I get [removed] whenever I make a change to my plan.  Are customer service reps trained to make changes that were not agree to?  Why does it take four months to six months to fix errors?  Why is the billing so complicated, that I can't understand the changes without hours of study?  Why does it take 30 minutes or more to speak to someone?  Why is it, it takes 60 minutes more to speak to a manager?  Why is it Verizon records every call, but will not provide me with a copy so that I can prove they made false charges.  Why do they [removed] things up so badly that I have to revert to my original plan and START OVER with any changes, to fix things.  Errors are never in the customers favor.  I believe the cost of any errors need to be credited as an additional credit the first time they make a mistake, double the second time, and four times the amount of the error the third time and so on, to discourage deliberately ripping off customers.  I want four times the amount of the error this time.  I want $1 for every minute I'm on hold with customer service.

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Re: Why does Verizon screw me over every time I change my plan.

Community Manager
Community Manager

We never want you to feel like you're getting the short end of the stick, CONNECTICUTCAPTAIN. Any changes made to your account should always be with your permission and the correct expectations set on what you will see on your bill. So we can take a closer look at what happened, please be on the lookout for a Private Message.


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Re: Why do I have issues every time I change my plan with Verizon?


I could have written your original posting word-for-word. 

I recently called VerizW to find out about another plan that was available and specifically told the rep that I won't agree to any plan until I read about it, so just email me the details of the plan and I will look it over and call back if I want to change.  ¿Qué sucedió? The next time I signed in to the Veriz site, I got a message in Pending Account Changes that a change was made on my account!  Furthermore, the site does NOT tell me what the change was.  I guess she put the NEW plan in place without my permission!

There is a section on the site that says "Pending account changes" and, under that, lists "Feature change" and "Price Plan Change".  What is that?  What changed on my account? There is NO way to find out on the website!  There is no additional information.  There is no link I can click to find out WHAT feature change was made and WHAT price plan change was made?  Is that a helpful website?  Certainly not.  To get the answer I had to spend 85 MINUTES on the phone with Verizon Wireless.  Do you think that makes a happy customer? Is it a good use of my time or Verizon's time?  Why should I have to spend an hour and a half on the phone with Verizon Wireless?

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