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Why did the Verizon rep straight up lie to us?


We have a family plan which I added a line to.  We had one line on the plan using data at the time and this was the second.  We were told that the original line was only using 4mb(megabytes, yes megabytes) over the past month and that we could save $30 or so if we added the new line and reduced our total data plan(which we though was way too high at 4gb/mo because he told us only 4 mb was being used).  We decided to go with 500mb shared.  Anyways turns out we were put on two separate 2gb/month plans costing an additional $30 or so a month.  We were literally lied to and signed and payed for something that we were not told about.  We were told our bill would go down and that our data plan would be reduced, but instead our data was increased along with the bill cost... Unless verizon is willing to help fix this issue  I think that we will be looking to change carriers as soon as the contract ends and recommend friends and family to go with a different carrier.

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Re: Why did the Verizon rep straight up lie to us?


This was likely just a simple mistake.  Have you tried calling them to sort this out? They can change the plan and give you a credit.