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Why can't I purchase an iPhone 6 Plus with Early Edge?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've been frustrated by VZW and their very rigid policies and customer service. It feels like I am dealing with a senseless monolith. Here's my issue...

I have a Galaxy S4 (about 18 months in). When the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus came out, I started to consider purchasing the phone through Edge rather than waiting for my current two-year contract to expire. I thought this would be possible because when I log in to the My Verizon and select my Galaxy device it says it IS eligible for Early Edge...


So, I'd been thinking about the devices for some time, and finally settled down today to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus. I thought it would be a quick and easy process, but I should have remembered that nearly every service experience with VZW is some kind of ordeal. I went to an authorized distributor. There was a single staff member there, who helped someone else for 20+ minutes before even aknowledging my presence. When he pulled up my account, he told me that I am eligible for Edge, but only for two Droid phones that I have no interest in. So, I went home to investigate for myself. I proceeded with the Early Edge process online--notice, it didn't say "you're eligible for SOME Early Edge." I found the phone I wanted and went to add it to my cart.


It's listed at the Edge price when I'm shopping, but when I go to add it to my cart, I only have the full price option, no Edge. I call customer service and they repeat that I'm only eligible for CERTAIN phones on Edge. They tried to tell me that these Droids are great, and I should just go with them. NOT WHAT I WANT... And both VZW representatives I spoke to agreed that the website isn't clear. When I asked them to escalate my concern because I have been a good customer, I have five phone lines on my plan, and I'm not asking for a discounted phone price. I received two responses:

  1. One suggested that I go to a local store and sign up for Edge with one of the eligible Droids. And then activate it for a day. And then exercise the 14-day return/exchange privilege to switch up to an iPhone 6 Plus. Note: This WOULD NOT work, plus I don't find it ethical, plus it nets a loss for VZW having to refurbish the Droid.
  2. After calling the "Edge Exceptions" desk, they explained that there would be no exception made and--essentially--that I was "lucky" to have the chance to upgrade to one of the Droid phones.

So, in short, I feel that because VZW's website is NOT sufficiently informative and, becuase VZW has terribly rigid, bad for business policies and procedures, I am unable to upgrade (even though their website is the one that put the idea in my head in the first place). I went from a normal, satisfied customer to a very frustrated customer because of ineffective advertising, web development, and documentation.

What I really don't understand about this is that on Edge, I would pay full price for the phone. What's really the loss for Verizon? They let me buy a phone that I strongly prefer and they think I'm going to jet? No, I would have stayed on well beyond my current contract end date. Now, instead, I'm considering moving back to AT&T when my contract ends.

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Re: Why can't I purchase an iPhone 6 Plus with Early Edge?
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Verizon doesn't have to allow you to early edge AT ALL. Thus if they want to put restriction on what device they offer then that's their prerogative. If you could get an iPhone 6 you'll probably be waiting 2 months for it to be sent to you anyway since orders are backlogged.

Re: Why can't I purchase an iPhone 6 Plus with Early Edge?

OK, thanks. I'm complaining that They don't make their program terms transparent (the employees I spoke to agreed). And the phone was in stock in my local store. Así que...