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Why Won't Verizon Correct Error They Admit Exists?


New phones were ordered from Verizon under their new plan that charges a monthly fee. The old phones were returned as requested, however, Verizon has not credited all the phones. We are still being charged $299.00 for a phone that Verizon admitted was returned, however, to this date has refused to change their bill to reflect same.  Several chat sessions have been made with Verizon and on each one they apologize and promise to rectify the error.  They never do.  Further, they promise to check back with me to ensure the problem is solved.  They never do.  While Verizon may have good coverage, they have the worse customer service of any company I have dealt with. 

Here is the latest chat session.  They promised this morning to correct the error that has been ongoing the past few weeks, however, as usual, it didn't happen. They even ADMIT they are in error!

As a result, I feel the only way I can rectify this matter is by filing a Small Claims action in my city.  Perhaps having an actual Verizon person show in court is the only way this will be handled.


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